A periodicals shop.

A periodicals shop.

PRINTtEXT is a shop, salon, archive & study. Located at 52nd & College, we carry over 300 print publications – fashion, literature, design, political miscellany, architecture, food, art, etc ad infinitum. Order

Open Tues-Sat 12-8 // Sunday 12-5 // Closed Mondays.

Browsing is mandatory. Discourse is expected. Disagreements are encouraged. Opinions are appreciated. Community is obligatory.

A few new selections for 30 July 2014 (Full stock list here):

VICTORY JOURNAL Vol. 07 The Main Event

ODISEO Vol. 04


CEREAL Vol. 06 and Vol. 05

SYSTEM No.3 Juergen Teller x Juergen Teller and No.2

FOUR & SONS Issue One | Dogs & Culture Collide

PAD THAI SMITH & ROBERTOFU. Debut issue by Cake Hat.

A MAGAZINE CURATED BY IRIS VAN HERPEN. She prefers shrink-wrapped models.

TAR No.11

In stock, in the shop, alphabetized: everything.

Can’t make it to the shop? Order — and be sure to include the title/date/edition of the publication.