A periodicals shop.

A periodicals shop.

PRINTtEXT is a shop, salon, archive & study. Located at 52nd & College, we carry over 300 print publications – fashion, literature, design, political miscellany, architecture, food, art, etc ad infinitum. Order

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A few new selections for 15 July 2014 (Full stock list here):


SYSTEM No.3 Juergen Teller x Juergen Teller

FOUR & SONS Issue One | Dogs & Culture Collide

PAD THAI SMITH & ROBERTOFU. Debut issue by Cake Hat.

GREEN SOCCER JOURNAL No.7 World Cup issue (with a wall chart!) + issues 3 – 6 in stock

NOT TODAY 第一期 1/6 and 第二期  2/6 Bilingual magazine from Taiwan.

SMOKE SIGNAL #18 Tabloid Newspaper by Desert Island

CERCLE Science fiction in French

MOTHER Volume III Eros / Thanatos + Vol. II Transcendence and Vol. I Genesis

MAGAZINE ANTIDOTE S/S 2014 The Romance Issue. Literary fashion from France.

TVTOR Issue One: Romanticism

OFFSCREEN n.08. There are people behind the bits and pixels. Offscreen features those people. + issue n.07

TALC Issue One. The Postmodern Issue. If you have to call it that, it probably isn’t.

GENTLEWOMAN n°9 VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. In red (well, black, really). She invented sex. Or punk. And/or SEX. Either way, you wouldn’t have been conceived had she not been born.

ALL HOLLOW No. 07. From Bucharest. Remember Incubus? They do. Also: wait til you see their Rite-of-Spring-meets-the-National-Romanian-Peasant-Museum shoot. + issue No. 06. Note: All Hollow has announced that Issue 07 is their final issue.

THE EYES No.2 (More on this publication in a minute.)

A MAGAZINE CURATED BY IRIS VAN HERPEN. She prefers shrink-wrapped models.

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