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Elliot Robinson. No text. 119 photos, 2010-2014.

"I wanted to draw a new map of the city... All trash is evidence."

Print run of 41 hand-numbered copies. We have 9.

"This city has in the past decade become a much more fun place for young urban professionals (though I heard they now prefer the term “creative class”), but nobody seems to want to talk about how its fringes continue to rot. Home foreclosure rates have finally dropped, but abandoned houses dot the blocks of our neighborhoods like acne scars. It’s easy to miss because so much of the emptiness happens on the outskirts of town, far from our city’s trendier areas. “Why I Wear a Wire” is testimony that our aspirational mindset and all our boosterism is leaving people behind. The photos are evidence that this ugliness exists, and its only a bike ride away." Read more here.

"I am aware that my methods are ethically problematic at best, but I believe there is a distinction in my process that saves it from sliding completely into prurience. If slumming makes a spectacle of how the other half lives, my work is largely about how the other half does not live; I attempt never to document people but only the detritus of their experience. “Why I Wear a Wire” posits trash of all kinds, be it a rotting house or a graffitied wall, as a form of evidence." See more here.