TOO Much 05

TOO Much 05

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TOO MUCH: A Magazine of Romantic Geography

TOO MUCH gathers thoughts about cities, the people who live in them, and the changes affecting our society and our environment. It's a magazine about romantic geography.

TOO MUCH is made by international writers and photographers, along with a Japanese design team, and a sharp mind on research with the same strong care for texts and images.

There are more and more people who care not only about architecture and design, but also for the changes within the city and the impact of globalism, and have an international curiosity. 

TOO MUCH is for them.

Issue 05 空間的にも時間的にも身体 (The Body In Space And Time)

Summer 2014

Published Annually by Editions OK FRED
Edited by Yoshi Tsujimura
Format: 208 Pages, 182 x 257 mm.
Binding: Perfect Bound, Soft Cover, Gloss
Printed: Full Colour, Offset

The fifth issue is about the body in space and time. We will look at how we biologically and socially enter into the built environment, and how we are changed in the process.


What does Romantic Geography mean?

Our magazine is about culture and space. For us, Romantic Geography is about the lived experience of space; it's about the poetic imagination embedded in the science of place and landscape. There are certain hierarchies, predefined geometries or whatever, involved whenever you try to look at the world. Romantic Geography might be about the act of acknowledging that these hierarchies exist, while also remaining open to new ways of looking at our relationship with the constructed world. The term is not ours though, it has been around for a while — Sir Richard Francis Burton used it in his book on Zanzibar in 1872 — but it's the term that we felt best encapsulated our vision.

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