Not Today 第二期 2/6

Not Today 第二期 2/6

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Bilingual. Taiwan. Jamais deux sans trois (never twicewithout a third); without coincidences there would be no stories.

2/6  Continuing the debut issue’s scale, the second NOT TODAY features: Another 6 items in OBJECTS; 2 visits to Frankfurt am Main and Buenos Aires for INTERVIEWS. The Thisispaper duo made dumplings and borscht and potato cheesecakes for THE KITCHEN. SOMETHING SPATIAL is about artist-in-residency. A SPACE FOR ______ features Wiels in Brussels and 182aerspace in Tainan. A CURATOR'S TRIP in San Francisco; FASHION GAMES with Super ADD and Chun P. Lin; PLAYLIST by Yun Chen; Debbie Tea visited Sanchong for HI TAIWAN.

2/6  延續著創刊號的規模與架構,NOT TODAY第二期以更加細緻的編輯手法,帶來更多有意思的空間故事。OBJECTS一樣是混合了設計品、常民物件、藝術品的精選單元;INTERVIEWS 在法蘭克福和布宜諾艾利斯的家訪;為了THE KITCHEN單元,Thisispaper跑了一趟華沙當地的有機農夫市集,烹製新式波蘭料理;SOMETHING SPATIAL單元則以「藝術家駐村」為軸心;A SPACE FOR單元,我們出訪了布魯塞爾由舊式啤酒釀製廠改建而成的WIELS美術館;此外,本期新增兩個單元:CURATOR’S TRIP 的舊金山之行、PLAYLIST介紹年輕藝術家陳雲的歌單;時尚單元帶來攝影師與出奇新銳藝術家Super ADD;本次的HI TAIWAN藝術家紙上駐村計劃則選定新北市三重。

Special feature: A booklet of THE LIVING UNIVERSE 日常宇宙.

特別收錄:日常宇宙 The Living Universe —— 由德國法蘭克福、匈牙利特爾泰什陶沃、馬來西亞喬治城、美國芝加哥四組家庭成員分享持家的理念、對居所與生活的想法;細膩的家庭肖像照底下,是歲時移動的細節和軌跡。本期獨家。


书尺寸: 230 x 300 mm

页数: 144

印刷方式: CMYK offset, Soft cover

语言: Chinese / English

发布: Quarterly

出版商: Waterfall / Taipei Taiwan

This magazine focuses on “space”, inviting those with passion and creativity in space to partake; what it really tries to convey is the relationship between space and people. We dwell in here, trying to open every single door, and enjoy the fun of visiting.