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Indianapolis is no mean city.

Real stories of what it means to call Indy home. A citizens’guide to community, culture, schools, and housing. Published by IndyHub in partnership with Indy Chamber, CICF, and other community-minded Indianapolis organizations. More information on the project here.


In 1897, President Benjamin Harrison—a long-time Indianapolis resident—called Indy “no mean city.” And in 1909, then-Mayor Charles Bookwalter laid the cornerstone of Old City Hall, solidifying the community’s rallying cry in the stone’s inscription: “I am, myself, a citizen of no mean city.”

A simple phrase, plainly stating what most out-of-towners notice right away: Indy’s a friendly, welcoming place. But it’s more than that. The city is also bold, significant—better than average.

Indy is a place where the good life is possible. Where a comfortable home and time for family are equally attainable. Where people respect history, yet fight for progress.

These are the stories of No Mean City.