MARFA JOURNAL 01 (Yellow cover)

MARFA JOURNAL 01 (Yellow cover)

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MARFA JOURNAL is a new printed publication inspired by Marfa, TX and created BY ARTISTS FOR ARTISTS. Marfa, TX is a small town of just over 2,000 people located in the middle of the desert not far from the Mexican border, which since the 60s attracts attention of the art world. "Marfa is a capital of cultural disorder and we like that."

MARFA JOURNAL #1 FEATURES 2 COVERS: Marfa, TX based artist Erik Brunetti and The Total Princess cast. 300 pages of MARFA JOURNAL #1 are split into 6 sections :

RAW Straight edge words from the Trash Talk boys

CASUAL Karley Sciortino talks sex education

DECADENT Lindsay Lohan on the set of The Canyons

ROMANTIC Straightforwardness with Andrew Richardson

OBSCURE Gosha Rubchinskiy's life in Russia

PROGRESSIVE MOCA's Jeffrey Deitch on OFWGKTA and James Franco