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Creative Directors / Editors: Janneane & Benjamin Blevins
Published by: PRINTtEXT

Bree Jo’ann “Many Rooms”
Michael Dahlie “The Misfit from Gørlev”
Wendy Lee Spacek “Anxious Dreamer”
James Payne “No Bad Memories”
Thomas Kennedy “Glossary”
Danicia Monét “Step Lightly”
James A. Reeves “She Watches Eli Lilly at Midnight”

Published for The Future Past, May 7, 2016.

Asylum can mean safety for those who need it or securi- ty for those who don’t. An institution can protect or oppress.

The past and the future have already hap- pened. And the present doesn’t exist.

We aren’t all in this together. Moreso: we aren’t in this alone. The continuum of wellness can only function within commu- nity. To be in community is to exist in that liminal space be- tween (and beyond) the future and the past. It offers us asy- lum and provides institutional support. It allows our collective wellness to unsettle the status quo. It reconstructs sanity as a space where hope still matters and solidarity transcends mere agreement. Community is where the past and the fu- ture act together. Today. And tomorrow. (And yesterday.)

Download the PDF here