ADDRESS Journal 02

ADDRESS Journal 02

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Journal for Fashion Writing and Criticism.

128 Pages, 170 x 240 mm.
Full Colour, Text 120gsm, Uncoated
Soft Cover, 250gsm, Uncoated
Published November 2013

Address started off as an experiment records the transactions of fashion in society – from the way you tie your shoelaces to the impact of the latest catwalk. Although fashion has a remarkable ability to produce colourful, creative and engaging content, it is rarely critical. Address is a platform to test ideas and approaches to fashion criticism — creating an environment that is accessible, rigorous, entertaining and objective; to continue expanding and contracting fashion as a topic of interest.

Launched in October 2011, Address provides an intellectual take on fashion in its cultural context. The concept was to provide readers with varying forms of visual and written fashion commentary — hence the variety of content from fiction to poetry, scholarly articles, interviews and visual ruminations and contemporary photographic angles on facets of fashion.

Address is a magazine about fashion, but not a fashion magazine.