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Janneane was interviewed by one of our favorites, Riposte, a smart magazine for women. Read the full interview here


Need Supply

"When you follow magazines as closely as we do, you come to mythologize certain shops around the world. They’re almost always shops tucked into erstwhile neighborhoods in Berlin and Hamburg, East London, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo. But one in particular currently stands above any other we know of for its 1) insanely well-curated selection of titles, 2) beautiful, over-the-top product photography, and 3) the fact that it is in Indianapolis..." Interview with Need Supply.



One of our favorite art & fashion magazines—032c, the Berlin-based "manual for freedom, research and creativity"—includes a sublime feature in their most recent issue on PRINTtEXT, the Museum of Psychphonics, and the "bizarre, cosmic forces that permeate Indianapolis' cultural fabric." 


"With an eye for design and a love for engaging material, PRINTtEXT is helping transform the literary & art scene of the Midwest." Interview with Capricious.

PRINTtEXT was featured in Vogue's guide to Indianapolis alongside favorites Bluebeard, Thunderbird, Public Greens, Vintage 54, 100 Acres, Cultural Trail and more. Read the guide here

The Wire featured The Museum of Psychphonics, a project we collaborated on. We also published the first issue of our broadsheet zine, Didactic, for the museum's opening. Read more here

Erin K. Drew’s live art talk show happens monthly-ish at State Street. Object reports, existential event calendars, hard-hitting edgy/earnest pontification + artists, curators, and art-adjacent. We were guests. Here is the video.

"Anyone following PRINTtEXT will know the shop for its impeccably executed and personalised set-designs for the magazines that they stock. PRINTtEXT also hosts regular readings, discussions and other events in their salon-like space, and they often collaborate with various cultural organisations." Interview with MagCulture.

We talked about creative entrepreneurship with urban policy thought leader, Aaron Renn, on his podcast Urbanophile. Listen to the episode here. Aaron also included PRINTtEXT in his post, Ten Things You Need to Know About Indianapolis City Culture

Nathaniel Russell illustrated a guide to his favorite places in Indianapolis — from Milton Glaser’s Color Fuses mural and the Vonnegut Library to PRINTtEXT and LUNA Music. Online here.

We talked with Driftless editor Anna Powell Teeter about how we started PRINTtEXT, some of our favorite projects, and our day-to-day life working together on creative projects. Issue 7 here and photos here.

PBS program The Art Assignment visited PRINTtEXT during our showing of A\M’s Syntax Season. While on their trip, they also stopped by the Museum of Psychphonics. The video is here.

"There's something about being based in Indianapolis. It's a fantastic place to test ideas and not go bankrupt and it is small enough you can affect change in it. You can't afford to do something like this in New York City. But in Indianapolis, you can." Interview with Nuvo.

"Say hello to Huckleberry as you browse the wide collection of print pieces from all over the world in art and architecture, interior design, fashion, culture, food, and news." Article via Visit Indy.

For Creative Mornings Indianapolis’ one year anniversary meetup, we were asked to talk about work, life, and building a community in Indianapolis. On the topic of Work.

"Benjamin and Janneane Blevins have accrued more than 300 esoteric publications to sell in their newfangled newsstand... The couple’s knack for design explains why their shop feels like a minimalist-cool living room, with an inviting Erwin Lambeth couch, Tolix metal chairs, and colorful sheaves of magazines stacked on tables." Article via Indianapolis Monthly.

"Print is dead. Or is it? ... Benjamin & Janneane plan to sell periodicals and also establish a community, with discussions among interesting people and maybe some film screenings... 'I’m very curious whether it’ll work,' said Benjamin." Article/interview with The Indianapolis Star.