PRINTtEXT is a project space, design studio, events venue, and periodicals shop. PRINTtEXT is a collaborative publisher of art, politics, and literature.

We exist at the intersection of several overlapping and indistinct disciplines — including the arts, political activism, grassroots organizing, fashion, literature, and graphic design.

Our approach to art and design draws heavily from commerce and consumerism. Similarly, our retail space is influenced by our art projects.

During the last decade, Janneane and Benjamin have accumulated a depth and breadth of skills related to print publications, editing and art direction. We opened PRINTtEXT in 2013 as a shop, studio and project space, dedicated to periodicals and the conversations & communities those publications support. We’re surrounded daily by excellently designed and written publications from around the world. The space has provided a foundation for our creative services, including art direction, set design, content development, and publishing. Most recently, we developed, wrote, produced, and distributed an INDPLS GUIDE book. In addition, we edit, design, and publish two series of broadsheet-zines — DIDACTIC and ASYMMETRY. For the DIDACTIC series, we work with arts & cultural organizations to provide a textual and visual supplement to an event or concept.

Before starting PRINTtEXT, we led a number of ventures focused on civics & culture in Indianapolis. Beginning with IndySpectator in 2010, we collaborated with fellow young, creative professionals on a weekly newsletter guide exploring the cultural happenings of Indianapolis. In 2011, we co-founded PATTERN, developing a monthly meetup and magazine to connect and promote the fashion community in Indianapolis. During this time, Janneane spent 7 years working with a design agency, managing the design process, business operations, and marketing for a rapidly growing team that worked with emerging tech companies. Benjamin consulted with nonprofits, working with them to craft vision frameworks and content strategy.