Editing, Design, and Production

Metaphonics is an expansive hardcover book we designed, edited and produced in collaboration with Stuart Hyatt. Published by Jap Sam Books and Temporary Residence, in Indianapolis, followed by a tour with stops in Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Riga, and Bucharest.

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This 265-page book includes original essays by experts and academics from around the world, inspired by naturalist Bernie Krause’s taxonomy of soundscapes: geophony, biophony, and anthropophony. For this project, we added a fourth soundscape ecology, cosmophony. Each soundscape is illustrated by Manuja Waldia. The second half of the book is a track-by-track guide with photographs by Stuart Hyatt. Peter Liversidge created a series of proposals that appear throughout the text.

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The book is part of a 7-album box set we designed for Team Records and Temporary Residence. Inspired by Hyatt’s audio field recordings, musicians from around the world have contributed complex sonic narratives under the Field Works banner.

Field Recording Composition as Hierophony by Yiorgis Sakellariou
Listening to the Anthropocene by Gustavo Valdivia
A Muse to Music by Cheryl Tipp
Artistic and Scientific Explorations in Biophony by Leah Barclay
The Noise Made by People: Anthropophony, Cities, and Memory by Stuart Fowkes
Anthropogenic Soundscapes by Sarah Laskow
Cosmic Resonance: Sounding Outside, Listening Within by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
Foreword by Bernie Krause; Introduction by Enrique Ramirez

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