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Our fourth DIDACTIC was designed and published for SYNTAX SEASON, an 8-part exhibition series curated by A\M and hosted at PRINTtEXT. The publication, guest-curated by A\M, served as both a culminating and standalone piece for the exhibition, featuring artists exploring image and text.  Curated by: Elisabeth Smith & Michael Milano (A\M)  Art Direction: Elisabeth Smith & Michael Milano  Creative Direction: Janneane & Benjamin Blevins  Published by: PRINTtEXT  Contributors A\M ⋅ John Baldessari ⋅ Tegan Brace ⋅ Stephanie Brooks ⋅ Elijah Burgher ⋅ Will Butler ⋅ Jessica Campbell ⋅ Bill Conger  ⋅ Erin K Drew ⋅Christopher Duncan ⋅ Tate Foley ⋅ Jeff Geesa ⋅ Guerrilla Girls ⋅ Jenny Holzer ⋅ Mary Kelly ⋅ Barbara Kruger ⋅ Tony Lewis ⋅ Glenn Ligon ⋅Cole Lu ⋅ Kelly Lloyd ⋅ Jesse Malmed ⋅ Eric May ⋅ Huong Ngo ⋅ Jamie Pawlus ⋅ Kay Rosen ⋅ Molly Roth ⋅ Ed Ruscha ⋅ Nathaniel Russell ⋅Sayward Schoonmaker ⋅ Sam Scranton ⋅ Deb Sokolow ⋅ Shannon Stratton ⋅Alice Tippit ⋅ Oli Watt ⋅ Lawrence Weiner  Published for Syntax Season on February 19, 2017  This publication was produced in conjunction with Syntax Season, a long-form exhibition series organized by A\M and hosted by PRINTtEXT in Indianapolis, Indiana. The series took place over the course of ten months, from May 2016 to February 2017. Included in this publication are a selection of texts and images of works by artists who mobilize typography, iconography, and cultural signifiers to explore topics such as gender, race, identity, representation, and language itself. Far from a definitive collection of such works and modes of making, this journal seeks to extend Syntax Season by bringing together additional artists whose text-based strategies range from humorous to sincere, intimate to oblique. Working with words, text, text-like images, and image-like texts, these artists and writers consider how we engage with language and, more specifically, how we construct meaning.  Download a PDF here.
Creative Directors / Editors: Janneane & Benjamin Blevins  Published by: PRINTtEXT Photography: Hadley Fruits Features Editor: Eleanor Rust  Contributors:  Enrique Ramirez “A Home in The Modern World: Sites & Histories of Columbus, Indiana”  Site One: First Christian Church (1942)   Site Two: Irwin Conference Center (1954)   Site Three: Bartholomew County Public Library (1969)   Site Four: Cummins Corporate Office Building (1984) Site Five: Mill Race Park (1992) Site Six: Columbus Signature Academy—Lincoln Campus (1967) Site Seven: Columbus Post Office and Federal Building (1912)  Site Eight: Washington Street, Between First and Seventh Streets Site Nine: North Christian Church (1964), by Eero Saarinen  Amy Auscherman “The Aluminum Group” Matt Shaw “18 B-sides” Additional Images CIAA, John Cho, Herman Miller Archives  Published for Exhibit Columbus on August 24, 2016.  At Exhibit Columbus we are thrilled to partner with PRINTtEXT to produce this issue of Didactic. I hope that you’ll read through these pages with thoughtful attention, as each word was written and each page designed with the same kind of intentionality that has made Columbus, Indiana an internationally recognized city for its pursuit of good design. Enrique has written perceptive histories of the nine sites we’ve selected to host new temporary installations next year. These installations, built to respond artistically and architecturally to each site’s unique design history, will be featured in the 2017 Exhibit Columbus exhibition. Amy and Matt’s articles show what Columbus has meant to them from a personal perspective. All of this work snaps into clarity with the beautiful images of Hadley Fruits. I hope you enjoy this issue—and make plans to attend the inaugural symposium, “Foundations and Futures,” Sept 29 - Oct 1.   —Richard McCoy, Director, Landmark Columbus   Download a PDF here. 
ASYMMETRY is our second broadsheet series, and developed in response to the election of Donald Trump. We published the second issue in the spring to discuss mobilization and organization. The struggle isn’t new, but many of those now involved are. The issues aren’t new, but they have become increasingly urgent. The politics aren’t new, but their extremes have been exacerbated. The work included in the issue sought to offer some additional nuance, potency, critique and vitality to acts of resistance.  Edited by: Janneane & Benjamin Blevins  Published by: PRINTtEXT  Contributors  Elle Roberts "Say Word?" Anna Martinez "A Constructed World" Enrique Ramirez "Pure Potential, Or: The Tennis Ball" Erina Ludwig "Lean In" Sheila Suess Kennedy "That Social Safety Net" Michael Milano "Untitled" Hanna Benn "Chorus of Deportees" Danicia Monét "Contemporary Reflections on Social Change Movements" Ess McKee "Art by Any Means" Jason M. Kelly "A People’s History of WWI" Kipp Normand "See America First" Ari Attack "Music, the Spine of Activism" Ben Michaelis "Resistance Rally, Indianapolis, 2017" Nick Melloan-Ruiz "Find Your Local Coven" Victoria Haley "Listen Listen Listen" Manuja Waldia "Rise Up"  Published on May 1, 2017  Mobilization and organization have been refined and practiced through millenia of resistance. Marginalized and oppressed people have long understood the value of mass mobilization and direct action as a means of resistance. Since the election, countless more are learning what prolonged engagement with a hostile government requires.   The struggle isn’t new, but many of those now involved are. The issues aren’t new, but they have become increasingly urgent. The politics aren’t new, but their extremes have been exacerbated. The work included in this issue will, hopefully, offer some additional nuance, potency, critique and vitality to your acts of resistance.   Download a PDF here. 

We wrote, produced, and published INDPLS Guide, working with Commercial ArtisanManuja Waldia, and Michael Kaufmann (with generous support from Visit Indy and the Indianapolis Foundation). The guide highlights some of our favorite culturally-acclaimed and locally loved places in Indianapolis, across Food & Drink, Arts & Culture, Shopping & Makers, Events & Meetups, and Activities & Recreation. It features interviews and conversations with Tamika Catchings, John Green, Kate Franzman, Kaveh Akbar, Oreo Jones, Elle Roberts, Kipp Normand, and more.

Commercial Artisan's design for the book was featured in Communication Arts 2017 Design Annual.

Published October 2016. 

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