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Work in Progress — Design

 Our fourth DIDACTIC was designed and published for SYNTAX SEASON, an 8-part exhibition series curated by A\M and hosted at PRINTtEXT. The publication, guest-curated by A\M, served as both a culminating and standalone piece for the exhibition, featuring artists exploring image and text.  Curated by: Elisabeth Smith & Michael Milano (A\M)  Art Direction: Elisabeth Smith & Michael Milano  Creative Direction: Janneane & Benjamin Blevins  Published by: PRINTtEXT  Contributors A\M ⋅ John Baldessari ⋅ Tegan Brace ⋅ Stephanie Brooks ⋅ Elijah Burgher ⋅ Will Butler ⋅ Jessica Campbell ⋅ Bill Conger  ⋅ Erin K Drew ⋅Christopher Duncan ⋅ Tate Foley ⋅ Jeff Geesa ⋅ Guerrilla Girls ⋅ Jenny Holzer ⋅ Mary Kelly ⋅ Barbara Kruger ⋅ Tony Lewis ⋅ Glenn Ligon ⋅Cole Lu ⋅ Kelly Lloyd ⋅ Jesse Malmed ⋅ Eric May ⋅ Huong Ngo ⋅ Jamie Pawlus ⋅ Kay Rosen ⋅ Molly Roth ⋅ Ed Ruscha ⋅ Nathaniel Russell ⋅Sayward Schoonmaker ⋅ Sam Scranton ⋅ Deb Sokolow ⋅ Shannon Stratton ⋅Alice Tippit ⋅ Oli Watt ⋅ Lawrence Weiner  Published for Syntax Season on February 19, 2017  This publication was produced in conjunction with Syntax Season, a long-form exhibition series organized by A\M and hosted by PRINTtEXT in Indianapolis, Indiana. The series took place over the course of ten months, from May 2016 to February 2017. Included in this publication are a selection of texts and images of works by artists who mobilize typography, iconography, and cultural signifiers to explore topics such as gender, race, identity, representation, and language itself. Far from a definitive collection of such works and modes of making, this journal seeks to extend Syntax Season by bringing together additional artists whose text-based strategies range from humorous to sincere, intimate to oblique. Working with words, text, text-like images, and image-like texts, these artists and writers consider how we engage with language and, more specifically, how we construct meaning.  Download a PDF here.

People + Property, launches June 5, 2018. Event details here

We worked with the House Life Project team to produce a broadsheet publication by and about the neighborhood they worked in. With sections devoted to history, space, wellness, equity, movement, and change, this publication features essays, art, how-to/DIY ideas, ephemera, and more.

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