DIDACTIC // Exhibit Columbus


Published for Exhibit Columbus on August 24, 2016.

“At Exhibit Columbus we are thrilled to partner with PRINTtEXT to produce this issue of Didactic. I hope that you’ll read through these pages with thoughtful attention, as each word was written and each page designed with the same kind of intentionality that has made Columbus, Indiana an internationally recognized city for its pursuit of good design. Enrique has written perceptive histories of the nine sites we’ve selected to host new temporary installations next year. These installations, built to respond artistically and architecturally to each site’s unique design history, will be featured in the 2017 Exhibit Columbus exhibition. Amy and Matt’s articles show what Columbus has meant to them from a personal perspective. All of this work snaps into clarity with the beautiful images of Hadley Fruits. I hope you enjoy this issue—and make plans to attend the inaugural symposium, Foundations and Futures, Sept 29 - Oct 1.” 

—Richard McCoy, Director, Landmark Columbus 


Editors: Janneane & Benjamin Blevins
Published by: PRINTtEXT
Photography: Hadley Fruits
Features Editor: Eleanor Rust

Enrique Ramirez “A Home in The Modern World: Sites & Histories of Columbus, Indiana” 
Site One: First Christian Church (1942)  
Site Two: Irwin Conference Center (1954)  
Site Three: Bartholomew County Public Library (1969)  
Site Four: Cummins Corporate Office Building (1984)
Site Five: Mill Race Park (1992)
Site Six: Columbus Signature Academy—Lincoln Campus (1967) Site Seven: Columbus Post Office and Federal Building (1912) 
Site Eight: Washington Street, Between First and Seventh Streets Site Nine: North Christian Church (1964), by Eero Saarinen
Amy Auscherman “The Aluminum Group”
Matt Shaw “18 B-sides”


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