Published on May 1, 2017.

This second issue of Asymmetry focuses on mobilization and organization. The struggle isn’t new, but many of those now involved are. The issues aren’t new, but they have become increasingly urgent. The politics aren’t new, but their extremes have been exacerbated. The work included in the issue sought to offer some additional nuance, potency, critique and vitality to acts of resistance.

Editors: Janneane & Benjamin Blevins
Published by: PRINTtEXT

Elle Roberts "Say Word?"
Anna Martinez "A Constructed World"
Enrique Ramirez "Pure Potential, Or: The Tennis Ball"
Erina Ludwig "Lean In"
Sheila Suess Kennedy "That Social Safety Net"
Michael Milano "Untitled"
Hanna Benn "Chorus of Deportees"
Danicia Monét "Contemporary Reflections on Social Change Movements"
Ess McKee "Art by Any Means"
Jason M. Kelly "A People’s History of WWI"
Kipp Normand "See America First"
Ari Attack "Music, the Spine of Activism"
Ben Michaelis "Resistance Rally, Indianapolis, 2017"
Nick Melloan-Ruiz "Find Your Local Coven"
Victoria Haley "Listen Listen Listen"
Manuja Waldia "Rise Up"

Mobilization and organization have been refined and practiced through millenia of resistance. Marginalized and oppressed people have long understood the value of mass mobilization and direct action as a means of resistance. Since the election, countless more are learning what prolonged engagement with a hostile government requires.  


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